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Taking the work out of your business credit decisions


Access easy-to-read reports that give you all the information you need in a streamlined format.


Make confident decisions with reliable information from our industry-leading database.


Get personalized service from dedicated credit and marketing experts.

How We Gather Our Business Data

Making it easier for you to find the business information you need

Our databases are built from over 4,000 phone directories and over 350 new business sources, including new business and UCC filings, daily utility connections, county courthouses, and public record notices.

We continuously update all our records through web research, news monitoring, and user-generated content.

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We Verify Our Business Data

The most accurate and up-to-date information available

Why we phone verify

Every year, approximately 80 percent of the businesses in our database experience some kind of change.

Why our information is better

We compile and verify our data in-house, investing more than $20 million and placing over 24 million phone calls a year.

Our Research Team

Over 350 dedicated, full-time researchers

Our data experts comb through a multitude of resources to gather, update, and verify the information you rely on.

Data and Marketing Solutions

Choose from our full lineup of data and marketing solutions


Choose from a wide variety of search selections to quickly pinpoint and create a mailing or email list of your ideal business prospects.


We can help you create and send email and direct mail marketing campaigns or advertise your business on Google.


Quickly update or add information, such as email addresses, to your files to help ensure effective communications with your customers or vendors.

Over 40 Years of Industry Experience

Helping businesses find new customers since 1972